My life has always been about reaching out to that under-privileged child in sport particularly the sport of athletics. I believe I have made an huge impact in the lives of many young people in Bulawayo. The thrust has not been about sending them to the Olympics or such other high profile event but shaping their future through sport and education. Although in our technical efforts as Sparrows Athletics Club, we have been to the IAAF World Junior Championships, IAAF Youth Championships, countless regionals and continental championships.

Sport is a mould and eduaction is a vehicle that drives into a bright future. We have athletes in almost every University and tertiary college in Zimbabwe and they are making a huge impact there. There are several individual coaches and friends who believe in this vision and have been steadfast in making sure the vision stays bright even without sponsorship for the children. We press on contributing to the welfare of the poor child. Follow this website and learn more about our efforts.

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